Code of Practice / guidelines for events in AZ Conni

We are happy to hear that you decided to organize an event in AZ Conni!
This text is supposed to present the project „AZ Conni“ to you as well as it will give you some assistance with the preparation of an event. It -indeed- contains essential informations; please read carefully!

About AZ Conni

The AZ Conni is understood as a political and sociocultural project.

Referring to our cultural business there are several important points:

  • The house is brining used by several groups for different reasons. Apart from a self-governing book shop there is also a kindergarten („Kinderladen“) located on the ground; the functioning rooms as well as the outdoor area serve as meeting points for different kinds of people. To assure the coexistence of all those interests, it is important to show consideration and respect to each other
  • we put a lot of work in this project because we consider it as politically right/true and important and/or because we just like to do so! This should also be your motivation while you are considering to plan your event here
  • Unfortunately, our financial prospects are restricted, so we are unable to compensate loss-making concerts or parties. Please be aware of the fact, that you are carrying the financial risk of your event. If there are incertitude or questions occurring that concern the financial concept, we are eager to support you! In case your event was still loss-making, we will solve this problem together.
  • Our political positions are not uniform, though we came to a minimum consensus (=mutual agreement). On that base we work together in this project. To make it short: The AZ Conni should be free of racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia, nationalism and other mechanisms of exclusion. This, of course, concerns all activities, that take place in the house: the acts or artists, the guests, the organizers(s) and us.
    Our aim is to make as many people as possible feel welcomed and comfortable. People will be excluded from the event, if their behavior is endangering this.
  • Our time and stuff is restricted. Thus, the denial of inquiry/requests is possible.
  • As it is said before: the AZ Conni is merely existing because we are volunteering. If you are interested to take over shifts yourself or to help us with the organization of the whole cultural business you are very welcome to take part in our weekly culture and bar plenary meeting (mondays 6.30 p.m.)!

planning and procedure of an event

The following party will explain our understanding of planning and realization of events. We experienced many events in this house ourselves, so: if things are written down here, we mean it! ATTENTION: concerts need to be over by midnight (we have an agreement with the hotel vis-á-vis)

time table

block a date as early as possible
introduction of the event at least 2 months Monate in advance
Transmitting information for promotion 1 month in advance
Transmitting the Techreaders 2 weeks in advance
Distribution of the Anwohner_innenzettel at least 10 days in advance
detailed preliminary talk the monday just before the event
debriefing the following monday


  • Ask your friends to support your event by taking over shifts. For concerts you need one person, who cooks for the bands/acts and all the working ones and one person who supports the entry
  • The Kinderladen is located in the 1st floor. The area past the staircase is a taboo for party and need to be blocked.
  • The fire escape that is connected to the backstage as well as the Kinderladen's playground are No-Go's!
  • You are welcome to decorate - please let us know in advance so we can sort this out before.
  • We are really not keen to see topless men on stage! We ask you to take care, so that everybody keeps his shirt on. Meanwhile we will make sure, that all guests do so.
  • Please keep in mind in the planning-process, that there should not be only cis-men on stage
  • Our toilets are Unisex where people should not pee while standing. They are no urinal.

finance and budget

  • concerts: 30 % of the entry earnings will be kept by us. By this, we'll pay all people who work, insurance, GEMA and additional costs. The remaining 70% are at your disposal to pay the your expenditures as well as the acts.
  • parties: 35 % of the entry earnings will be kept by us. By this, we'll pay all people who work, insurance, GEMA and additional costs. The remaining 65 % are at your disposal to pay the your expenditures as well as the acts. Furthermore you can set out two people who work with us at the entrance (they'll take care of the cash box) - or we do so and then you'll need to pay yet another 100 EUR.
  • parties+cocktailbar: you also habe the opportunity to be in charge of the cocktailbar and you'll sell shots and cocktails. This means we'll only sell non-alcoholic drinks and beer downstairs at the bar. In this case we'll receive 40% of all entry earnings and you'll get the remaining 60% plus the whole earnings of the cocktailbar (minus change). It's your task to buy als the licorice then but we can give advices for this if you like
  • You'll get also a total of 40 € for the catering in the evening (for the acts, bartenders, „security“) and, if necessary, for the following morning's breakfast. Please keep the receipts.
  • Each act/band member will receive 4 free drink vouchers, maximum admissible per evening are 60 vouchers. All the acts, organizers and working people can get drinks for reduced prices. Please do not serve your whole circle of friends with that!
  • We refund at maximum 40€ of your promotion expenditures (with receipt!)

block a date

  • at the bar and cultural plenary meeting (mondays at 6.30 p.m.)
  • present a rough idea of the event
  • leave your e-mail address and/or telefon number

introduction of the event

* Acts: Name and Genre (if acts contradict our minimal consensus we reserve our right to exclude the act or cancel the event) * Principal information on the required technics. We own all the stuff that one needs for regular shows,parties, lectures etc., we should talk/be informed about special needs early.

  • time flow of the event: beginning and mandatory ending time
  • finances
    • overview on your costs
      • How much salaries/pays/fees will you pay for the acts?
      • How much are the travel expenses?
      • Do the acts need food/drinks/breakfast, if yes: for how many people?
      • costs for advertising (flyer, posters)
      • decoration
    • overview on the potential earnings:
      • entry fee
      • are there further sources of capital (sponsorships, donations etc.)?
  • We have a dormitory room (12 mattresses) for the bands that can be used. Please let us know if you'll need it.


  • Please send all details for advertising to
  • Please make sure to handle the following points at the right time:
  • at the 20th of each month we'll need all information concerning events of the following month to the print our news flyer. You're supposed to send us names of bands/acts and also the name of the event as well as the genre.
  • We also will prepare an input on our website. It's your job to send us the information for this. The more detailed this is, the merrier it is. We also have the opportunity to embed flyers, links and videos. Furthermore it's always a good point to write a few sentences about each act and the event.
  • We strongly recommend to publish the event also on further websites:banq, lastFM, Exmatrikulationsamt as well as special homepages conforming to the content respectively the subcultural output
  • We'll refund a maximum of 40EUR of your advertising costs (please leave us the receipt!)
  • Consider if you can share costs and spread advertisements together with other events/hosts/organizers
  • Of course you are also free to use the risograph (sot of a super-copier) to print b/w flyers in moderate quantity. If you are interested please tell us on the plenary meeting or ask at the office


  • please send the techrider to

announcement to the neighbours

  • only needed for parties
  • a small sheet of paper that announces parties to all surrounding neighbours/houses in a friendly way
  • please put one sheet to all doors at upper Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße, Buchenstraße, upper Schanzenstraße

detailed preliminary discussion (briefing)

  • introduce/mention your supporting assistants: who will cook? Who's gonna take over an entry shift? Who will be responsible and addressable at the very night of the event?
  • Will you use the band dormitory? PLEASE NOTE: there are no pillows and blanket, the bands need to bring their own sleeping bags!
  • We need to figure out when you'll receive and return the key before/after the event
  • we need to schedule the cleaning (until when needs the house be cleaned?)
  • clarify details of the time schedule (arrival/departure of the bands)


  • important
  • we are always happy to hear your feedback
  • maybe return your keys

Your tasks

immediatly before the event

  • if necessary: preparation of the band dormitory (put sheets on the mattresses)
  • caring for the acts (be there in time, show them around in the house)
  • vegan catering for acts and everyone that takes over a shit
  • collective briefing with every one that is involed at least 30 min before the event begins; clarifying of last questions
  • make the guest list: for concerts 1 person per artist, for parties 10 people

during the event

  • Please fill out the contracts correctly (Bandverträge) together with one person from AZ Conni → we need real names + addresses here!
  • if present, please put all train tickets/cab receipts/gas receipts into the cash box
  • the cash box will be counted by you and one person from AZ Conni after we stopped taking entry fee (after ticket office closing)
  • if the Bandverträge/contracts are filled out and signed the acts can be payed now
  • you really need to be addressable during the whole night until the end of the evening!

directly after the event

  • cleaning
    • the organizers (=you) brush and wipe the concert hall as well as the backstage
    • the big kitchen needs to be cleaned be the ones that cooked
    • we'll take care about all the rest (stair cases, toilets, bar, small kitchen) - at the same night for concert; on the following day after parties.
    • collective cleaning of the outer area (brush the courtyard and collect all the bottles)

on the following day

  • If the dormitory was used:
    • brush the dormitory + dispose all waste and bring bottles out
    • take the sheets off the mattresses and put the laundry to the room where we store the cleaning agents
    • turn off the heating and close the roof-light
    • clean the bathroom (=toilet + shower in the front building)
    • the band will return their key to you
  • prepare breakfast for the acts
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